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our imperfect Journey was started as

"Shin cakes" way before Shin Bakers came into existence and this became our brand logo at first. But, eventually with the Almighty's grace ...our bakery expanded and transformed into a wholesome bakery. Since,then we started calling it as 'Shin Bakers'.

On 7th December,2021

We launched our new look in order to refresh new memories , new opportunities, new learnings, new mistakes, new customers , new products and many many more.Here,we thanked you all for your support.♥️

Our bakery was formed on 10th April,2021 which is wholly operated, controlled and managed by its Perfectly Imperfect Bakester -PARVESH UPPAL ,who is a self taught home baker.

Shin bakers offers a huge variety of flavors embossed with quantity as well as quality. With the passage of time , many new additions have been added such as Brownies, Dry cakes, Cookies, Chocolates ,Cake sicles and many more. We also make customized cakes . We have organized various workshops regarding cake baking and chocolate making. We have also arranged ample number of stalls as well to introduce ourselves to new takers. The primary thing is that we do not involve eggs or any kind of non-vegeterian stuff in our baking because we also prepare orders for “parshada” and in order to respect the sentiments of society  and considering to make it with purity and whole heartedly , we restrict all kind of stuff which involves hurting any kind of living organism.

Not only we bake goods for sugary lovers, we also keep in mind to relish the taste of those who are not able to consume sweet on their daily bases .We prepare bakery goods for the consumers who have diabeties or any other health problems regarding heart ,allergies, pcod/pcos etc  as per their condition and diet plan. Our initial motive is to bring smile on the face of every single HomoSapien, therfore we put our each strand of effort and  have introduced gluten free cakes and the cakes with jaggery, oats, wheat, and many more . We also try to be flexible by preparing cakes as per the requirements of the user.

Our one and only motto is to let all these Homo sapiens to know that “IT IS OKAY TO  BE IMPERFECT”and to follow our instincts so that we can lead to something different ,something new and maybe something inspirable .We really hope to add more and more new things in our menu with time and always gonna maintain a token of trust in our consumer’s eyes with our high end quality.

It’s our humble pleasure that you visited our site. Hope you enjoyed your experience with us.



Our first order...

Well well well, we finally got our first order on 10th April ,2021. This was '"DUTCH CAKE" embossed with loads of chocolates and love. We all knew that firsties always holds a special place in our heart and i am truly astonished that this was my firstie and it truly is special for me...because it took me to where i could never ever thought ,i could achieve in such a short span🍀


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