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Are Baking and Science Cousins????

baking science

Well, Well, Well, look what we discover 


This relation of them truly astonished me because I am not a science lover but I don’t know somehow I am a bakery lover. Hence this proves we cannot stop the things we love not to love the things we hate especially when they are cousins. I was really poor in science, seriously I am not joking and now I realised that all I was doing was science all these years. So ,I decided why to keep secrets of this hidden relationship with me, all of you have right to know that

lets start with….



Flour helps to gain a proper structure to our baked goods whether it is cake, bread or any other. So when we use the flour with higher protein it makes it chewier like bread but if we use the flour with lower protein it will become more softer just like cakes.

oil butter refined

Oils, butter or any other fats

It acts as a binding ingredient as it puts all the things together and makes it tender and tasteful. But do not put in huge amount, especially the refined oil.

cooling and settling

Cooling and setting

Never take out your cake from your tin on the spot you take it out from the oven because it will tear down your cake bake in two or three or more parts. Always let your cake cool for at least 15-20 minutes. Never frost on a hot base, as it will melt your frosting and your tiers will settle efficiently.

Heating Up the Oven

Make sure your oven is always preheated. Doing this will guarantee that your cake rises properly and bakes right away. For example, if we cook something on gas we firstly heat up the pan and then put ingredients in it. Similarly, in baking as well try to preheat it first and then put your batter in the oven


This ingredient helps us to keep the cake moist and tender. Always use it at room temperature for better results. Try to use readymade yogurt as it consumes chemicals in it which positively impacts the reaction of your batter.

baking soda

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda mixed with vinegar produces bubbles that aid in the rising of your cake. To substitute one egg, combine one tablespoon vinegar with one teaspoon baking soda. It is best for chocolate cake. This reaction occurs quickly, it is very vital to keep it in the oven after preparing the batter on the spot.
NaHCO39(Baking soda)+CH3COOH(vinegar)→CO2(gas)+H2O+Na2CO3NaHCO 3

amino acids

Browning and Maillard process

Browning is the result of the Maillard process, which is the chemical reaction that happens when reducing sugars and amino acids react. These procedures intensify color and flavor. Maillard Process in brief we can say that, raising sugars and amino acids (found in proteins) react chemically during baking at high temperatures, a process known as the Maillard reaction. Browning and nuanced tastes in baked foods are caused by this reaction. The beautiful, golden-brown crust of eggless cakes is largely attributed to the participation of proteins from flour and other components in this reaction.
Amino acids + Reducing Sugars + Heat → Brown pigments + Flavors

whipped cream

Cooling space

Always keep your place cold before creaming a cake. Try to keep your bowl in the fridge before whipping the cream. It leads to faster texture and whipped cream.

In short ,

 these are reasons which relate them together. In the end one can say that do the things in your own way, well imperfectly in order to get yourself in touch with more discoveries, more reactions and more recipes. If they are cousins , then cousins it is. But no offence without science , it is not possible to do baking properly .

I am here going to advise all these bakers, what matters the most is love . If you bake anything wholeheartedly you will never face any dispute among baking and science. I know that many of us face issues in baking like sometimes the batter comes out, sometimes it gets burnt and sometimes it remains raw. Let me share with you one incident of mine. I was in 9th standard and baking was my biggest foe. I just love and hate baking at the same time . Now, I realised I just hate the science behind it. Eventually, after a few years, the time when I started my graduation ..I restarted baking and looked at what it turned into. I followed my instincts and put myself as a whole in it. Not until today did I know that it involves science as well…which solves the biggest mystery of my life. At that time it was this cousin of baking who never cooperated with me. But, with time we both joined allies and see now we all are working together happily and imperfectly.


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