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Cravings, Grab a Bite!!!

So, we all face cravings at some point in our daily schedule and we usually focus on procrastination in order to bake and go for ordering it. Cravings are something on which we do not have control. Children also need snacks in the evening or after dinner as well. We always got confuse what to make , what to make and what to make. It is like a biggest problem in one’s life, especially in our households from morning to evening ,” KHANE ME KYA BNAYA or KHANE ME KYA KHAUGE” , and with the same saddle replies ,” KUCH BHI BNALO or KUCH BHI”; any Homo sapiens can get confused. All of us instead of getting up from our cozy zones prefer to stay their and inefficiently use our brain. Not only we procrastinated but also loose an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. These are the only moments which allow us to spend some quality time with our loved ones doing chores together instead drowning in the screens. Well, yes i accept that baking needs time but who is saying you all to focus on recipes that is way too complicated and consumes huge amount of time. Gather your members and tell them lets bake it together!!!


 providing you some 5 minutes bake to eat recipes so that you all can have a fun time with your dear and near ones. Furthermore, you can also serve these as your desert in your last moment service in order to make the ambience more cherish able.

Cookie Choco-Mosco


1. Digestive biscuits/ cookies
2.  Fresh cream
3. Dark chocolate compound
4. Piping bag (optional)
5. Tall glass


1.      Prepare ganache (2:1)(Dark compound: Fresh cream)
Heat the chocolate either with double boiler method or in microwave .Then add fresh cream in it , stir it properly and keep it in refrigerator to settle for 30 minutes.
2.  Till then prepare your workstation. Adjust your piping bag in a glass and pour some ganache in it. After that in a tall glass put one biscuit or cookie then pour some ganache , then put one cookie over it ; follow the same process till the glass is filled.
3.     Keep your desert in fridge for at least 15 minutes for better taste.


Jammy Crumble


1. Any dry cake / brownie (market bought or homemade)
2. Jam
3. Ice Cream(Any flavor)
4. Confetti/cherries


1. Crush the cake or brownie into pieces
2. Pour it in your glass with first layer and then second layer with jam. Repeat the process as per your requirement.
3. Last layer is to garnish your desert with one scoop and of ice cream and a cherry on a top or with some sprinklers.
4. And here is your desert.


Fruity Mud


1. Lots of fruits
2. Biscuits
3. Whipped Cream
4. Fruit essence and any color of your choice


1. Whipped the cream and keep it in refrigerator to freeze.
2. Crush the biscuits and fill it as a first layer.
3. Diced the fruits and fill the second layer with it.
4. Pour few drops of and essence and color in cream and mix it nicely.
5. Pour the cream as a third layer and garnish it with fruits over the top.
6. Enjoy your fruit mud.



Granola Molly


1. Any chocolate compound
2. Flex seeds, granola, peanuts any other as per your preference and allergy


1. Melt the chocolate and pour it all over your butter paper
2. Garnish it with your chopped nuts
3. Refrigerate it and enjoy it after it freezes.


Rangy pops


1. Water
2. Glucose powder(orange) / Any flavor


1. Heat some water to boiling water
2. Add at least 2-2.5 spoons of glucose powder or as per taste.
3. Fill that liquid in ice trays.
4. Keep it overnight in freezer.
5. Enjoy your pops!!!!

To conclude,
These are only few recipes you can make,
but for more you can do changes in it like using Oreo or other stuff. It is not compulsory to use these recipes. All of you can do changes in it. Make it more favorable by preparing mango mud, pineapple mud, or say chocolate mud. Instead of making Granola molly , you can also use walnuts only , jellies, Oreos, lotto Choco pies and many more.
You can also use peanut butter or Nutella instead of ganache.
For pops as well make it in any other flavor add chopped fruits or experiment something new , something different , something better and vitally something healthy.
These things are endless so…

Make it
Change it
Eat it
Have it ,

Most importantly
Do it..

Be Imperfect!!!

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