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What to buy NEWLY BAKERS???

A question arises among everyone… if i say in my own native language


Try to RUN away from this and plan a proper budget.

Starting a home bakery and still confused about what to do, how to manage stuff and everything…???????????

As we all know, it is a rush in the beginning to buy things all together whether it is confetti or compounds or oven or tins or spatula or many, many, many, many, more things. It could be confusing as well as overwhelming to enter into a baking market and see all those things all together and get confused what to buy and what not to. One can easily get mingled and buy all those things which are not in a need to be bought nor satisfy the basic necessities, and it might cost you more. I am saying all this to you, but actually I would be privileged if anyone could guide me over here. Because I faced this trouble and bought many unfair products which i did not use till now. So the way I faced these issues, I want to hinder this obstacle for all of you and I hope my little help can save your time , money and efforts. First of all, always listen to your guts and no one else . Here, in order to save all your time and money, we SHIN BAKERS are at your service…. AYE AYE PEOPLE!!!

This is the list of all those tools which a new Bakester should buy at first:


With the help of the oven, it will save your time to bake …as baking in microwave or gas can be helpful but it consumes more time than OTG. It helps to bring the perfect brownish texture and consistency in baking. Moreover, it is very versatile in nature as you can cook anything you want in it …any type of cake with any kind of texture.



Try to buy a silicone spatula with steel filling in it rather than plastic one. As the life consistency of such spatula is more than any other kind.


Never try to buy all kinds of nozzles, always start with a few ones . As many homos sapiens falsely buy every kind of nozzle and 60% of them will remain unused forever. I shared below the pictures as well as designs of those nozzles for the beginners.



There is a huge variety of essence in the market. Try to buy less now and more in future in order to expand your range of essence. Prefer vanilla essence, strawberry, butterscotch and pineapple.

Cocoa powder

Always go for the cocoa powder in bulk and natural.

cocoa powder


Always keep in mind and go for gel colors. Try to collect less now and increase your range in future. Go for pink, yellow, green, blue and orange. Try to make different shades from all this using a color wheel. It is quite difficult to get primary colors so instead of hunting those for a time being use natural glaze, put those colors in it, it will satisfy your need.

Natural glaze

It will be very useful in order to increase your design range without using any expensive tactic. Go for natural glaze only.



Fondant is a sweet icing clay which is used to decorate cakes. One can make fun decorations like flowers or figures or any other. It not only helps make cakes look fancy but also professional. you can also use it in writing names or sweet messages on it using edible pens.

Cake tins

Go for aluminium tins as those are long lasting. Get yourself a round tin, square, heart and loaf shape in 5 and 6 inches in the beginning.
As an extra you can also go for doll cake tin. Please do not go for bigger size tins in your initial days, buy it as per your need and order .

cake tins
basic tools

Basic tools

Always have these basic tools such as disposable piping bags, fondant molding tools, cake slicer, silicone molds, combs, cake palette knife, cake scraper, weighing machine, and strainer.


Once a cost should turn out to be in a lifetime. In this case also avoid plastic turntables.


Basic ingredients

Ingredients such as cake glaze, confetti, All-purpose flour, chocolate compound, fresh cream, baking powder, baking soda, butter paper and mostly the ingredients as per your recipe and need.

In a nutshell, all I can say is , this is a one time investment in the beginning so do it wisely. It will cost you for once, but it will live with you longer than you expect. Try to put good quality stuff in your cart in order to avoid future loss. Therefore, this is the list of tools and other stuff I would recommend to all those new bakers in order to save their time and to avoid more panicking decisions.


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